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Best Series & TV Shows for French Learners

 Best Series & TV Shows for French Learners

dix pour cent
this is a show between fiction and reality and is ongoing with two seasons to date it is
perfect for intermediate French learners and is available on Netflix and French TV dot F or if you love French cinema and wish you could sneak behind the scenes dix pour cent on might just make your dream come true in each episode the famous French actor such as Krista from F and Juliette Binoche plays his or her own role it's a unique .

les bracelet rouge
the topic is more serious but it includes some fun moments it is about some teenagers that live in a hospital and how the leave the life even though some are disabled or some are suffering from mysterious disease .

soap opera
if you or a soap opera lover and love to try out all the heavy fillings in your hearts by watching TV shows then you should really watch this opera has been around for quite a while and by quite a while we mean for 10 years they have produced 14 seasons already and it will definitely captivate
the arts of all the intermediate French learners one of the best parts of this show that kept the people talking is the fictitious district of Marseille the Mistral the inhabitants of the Mistral have captured the attention of the French for a long time with it's three thousand and five hundred episodes we won't be surprised if you learn the language perfectly after watching all of them .

koh lanta
 this show didn't make it to 22 seasons to date for no reason the exciting lives of two teams of candidates stranded on a desert island and the difficult challenges they have to fight in order to survive we live you in ow this show is no topped one of the best out there that won't just serve as entitlement but a great French show for both beginners and more Advent students to master the language with a difficulty as well
 another good show is don't have

danse avec les stars
 this is the French version of the British show Strictly Come Dancing it is available on YouTube or tf1 dot F or and it's a fantastic French show for those just beginning to learn the language every season three famous French dancers judge the dense performances of well-known French artists singers actors comedians and models luckily for them the candidates are coached by their partners who are also famous French dancers

un diner presque parfait
this program earn its own reputation as a staple in French pop culture which means that you learn a lot of things from watching it the show finished up after 9 seasons but you can watch it on YouTube and 6 play F or it is inspired from the British reality show Come Dine With Me four people face each other in a friendly competition where in French hospitality and gastronomy is at stake and in a pesky buffet will keep you wondering which person performs the most lavish perfectly around dinner party for the three others would you be interested in joining this type of competition.

Top Chef 
this is a reality show perfect for beginners not just to sharpen the French vocabulary but to level up their culinary level as well this series is still running with nine seasons to date and they are all found on YouTube and six player for some of the famous people included in the cast or Cyril eniac and Alain de hos Top Chef helps showcase the skills of exceptionally talented amateurs by putting them up in a competition impressing four of friends best chefs with the most delicious self-made recipes all of the 14 talented candidates may or may not have professional training but their biggest dream is to open their own restaurant at the fight to stay in the show and not be eliminated you will learn French food names and correct pronunciation in no time as well

le meilleur patissier
this show are Sahil eniac again Jacqueline McAuley and Pierre Herme this talented cast didn't disappoint its viewers by introducing some of the most delicious desserts there are on the planet it's almost similar to Top Chef that it focuses on French food favorite patissier it's not just one of the best French cooking shows excellent for beginners it's also great entertainment that will keep you at the edge of your seats as the contestants compete to win the judges favor through various exciting challenges we have a sweet tooth legis if yes then this show is perfect for you you can watch it on YouTube and six play dot F

un gars une fille
this comedy show lasted for five seasons starring genre Giada and Alex on follow me it's light-hearted and is perfect for beginners and advanced learners be sure to check it out on YouTube so you can see what we are talking about
 another fun show you surely love and can only be found on

H  it's a parody of famous series that talks about the inner life of seemingly dysfunctional hospitals stirrings some of the most famous French comedians gemma doogal and erika handsy although the show only made it four seasons it is full of French lessons making in a must watch series
 for intermediate French learners 

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