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Best app for learning English speaking

Applications to improve English

Applications to improve English
Applications to improve English

iOS, Android and web application. Busuu is free for one language. If you want to learn multiple languages, you’ll have to upgrade. In a nutshell, Busuu features multiple lessons for different levels of competency. Each lesson features different sections like Vocabulary, Dialogue, Memorise, Quiz, Conversations. There are also a couple of other sections that require an upgrade for access.The lessons are pretty short and you can download a lesson for offline learning. Plus, the mobile app syncs up with the web application so you can pick up where you left off, no matter where you are.

 for iOS, Android, and a web app. one reason I love this app is that when you register it uses a Carly Rae Jepson song reference to ask you permission to send you to push notifications. Ya, I said it, and I love it. But the app itself is pretty cool. It uses some live video to match with the corresponding vocabulary, and they focus on the science of memory, reminding you what you’ve learned at specific times to help boost your chance of remembering! They also keep it fun by making a game out of it.You can watch a flower or your memory garden grow, each time you learn something new. You have daily goals and can watch your avatar grow as you advance your learning. Just like with Busuu, anything you do in the mobile app syncs up with your web application.

 the forever free iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and web application. it allows you to pick multiple language courses at one time and you can easily toggle between them. this app is its user interface is so fab and straightforward. It’s intuitive and the ease of use is top-notch.Just like with Busuu and Memrise, the web app works seamlessly with the mobile app, so any learning you do on the go is automatically synced with your online account. I love this app, it is just like with Memrise, Duolingo has turned to learn into a game. You earn points for correct answers, race against the clock and level up as you go. Each lesson is short and includes things like speaking, listening, translation and multiple-choice questions. There’s in-lesson grading, a streak count to motivate you to stay on track, and hearts to keep your lessons alive! Each incorrect answer loses you a heart.Once you’re out of hearts, you have to start that lesson over again! There’s also a leader section where you can see which one of your friends is on top. Talk about a little healthy competition!
Duolingo keeps track of how often you get your learn on, so slackers beware. If you haven’t been learning in a while, the app lets you know when you’ve lost strength in a skill.You will have to skip some ads every now and then, but totally worth it for the grand price of zero dollars!

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